Home Inspection Word Association: Gardening and Flowers = Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker Denver is a dry environment. If the owner loves to garden then automatic methods of watering are frequently needed. The outside water needs to be separated from your drinking water. The device that enforces this separation is called an Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker. This device […]

Spring Time: Gardening & Flowers

As summer comes to the Colorado front range the focus on lawn and garden heats up. Water Wars in our house focuses on the yearly activation of lawn sprinkler and drip system on the gardens. This year found me focusing on the cost of water and the thrill of new plants. History: We have experienced […]

Water Wars

The easiest home project is that can land you some serious ROI…πŸ’² The secret is simple… paint!!! 🎨 Some believe that you can see up to a πŸ’° 107% return on your paint investment – I am on board!!! There is nothing more simple than changing out the color of your walls for some serious […]

What’s the easiest way to get some serious ROI?!?!

Spring for the Home Inspector is a busy time on the home front! Here is a list of simple tricks and tips that can help you get ready for warmer weather! 1. Furnace filter check – For me, this means navigating around in the crawl space to ensure everything looks good. Also, make sure you […]

Your Spring Home Inspection

Even the most sober get snagged by trip hazards over 3/4 of an inch. Houses that have seen changes, commonly have floors that vary in height from room to room. Our home was built in 1941 and has seen it’s share of changes. New flooring lead to a 1.25 inch trip hazard at the door […]

Hazardous Duty

Buying a home can be scary and exhilarating. Most properties have multiple systems that make a home more comfortable and safe. Do you realize the seasons play a role in home maintenance? Lower temperatures bring multiple issues into focus: Switch to heat on the HVAC side. Time to cover the A/C Condenser or Swamp Cooler […]

Halloween Home Inspector

Spring time is the best time to get your garden planned. Living in Colorado, we need to be aware of our water consumption and use. Having a garden planned around water conservation is the way to go! My mom, who is a Master Gardener, turned me onto Garden in a Box. This is such a […]

Garden Ready!

Fall is the time to get ready for winter. The following is a collection of homeowner clues for seasonal activities. Fall Homeowner Checklist: Sprinkler System: Blow water out of lawn sprinkler systems before first frost. Blow out each zone using an air compressor Hoses: Disconnect outdoor hoses from water sources (faucets). A hose left on […]

Fall Homeowner Checklist

Life in Denver can be difficult in April. Main focus: Outside water systems Hoses: Warm days in the 70’s, nights dip down into the 30’s inspires gardening of all sorts. If the forecast is below 32 F, disconnect the outside hose. Leaving the hose on a frost free hose faucet (bib) in cold weather will […]

April Showers Bring Outdoor Watering Systems?!

This clue pertains to electric shock safety. If your home has Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets (Bath room, kitchen, outside, and garage) that are old they should be tested using a good test tool. Good test tools range up to a couple hundred dollars. β€” or β€” Have circuits tested by Certified Home Inspectors […]

A Safer 2018 at home