Your Spring Home Inspection

November 15, 2020

Spring for the Home Inspector is a busy time on the home front! Here is a list of simple tricks and tips that can help you get ready for warmer weather! 1. Furnace filter check – For me, this means navigating around in the crawl space to ensure everything looks good. Also, make sure you have extra filters in a safe place near your furnace. This is a perfect time to change the filter if you haven’t done so all year!

2. Smoke alarm batteries – Mother’s Day is a good day to replace battery powered Smoke Detectors. It might even be the perfect time to upgrade the Smoke/Carbon Monoxide alarms with sealed 10 year batteries.

3. Sprinkle turn on – If your water line to sprinklers has a ball valve, take care to turn it on slowly. In doing this process myself, I increase the pressure as I turned on the valve little but little. It you open it up too quickly, you can cause major damage to your sprinkler system.

4. Trim trees – If you notice that some of your trees and shrubs have some dead limbs, this is the perfect opportunity to cut back the dead parts, which will help regenerate new growth!

5. Aerate the lawn – By Aerating you can help your grass get better water and fertilizer absorption

7. Clean gutters – There is most likely lots of leaves left from last fall. Clean those gutters out so when the summer storms roll through, you have fully functioning gutters!

9. Cover off A/C Condenser: Hose off the cover, dry, remove and stash for next winter.

12. Clean and oil garden tools: Tung Oil

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