Ready to Start the Home Search?!

November 14, 2020

You’ve talked to a lender, have your pre-approval, linked up with a great Realtor (like me) 😉 and you’re ready to start the search. Now what? Here is what to expect! 💯…❇️Needs vs. Wants❇️ – It is SO important to take the time upfront to know what your needs vs. wants are. Whether it’s writing them down on a bar napkin🍻, an excel sheet📃, or a colored diagram, you need to have the conversation! 👩‍👩‍👧…Scheduling time to see properties – Here in Denver, the market is very active and competitive.🏆 When you see a home come on the market that fits your criteria, it is critical to tour the property ASAP!😮 Often times, homes that are priced well will go under contract in a matter of days.💲💲💲 Make sure you can be one of the first people to see the home and your odds will increase dramatically! So take a longer lunch, go after work, or get there early on the weekend and rock it out! 🏡…You will never find the PERFECT home – Whether you are shopping for a home with $200K or $5M, there is never a property that will have absolutely everything you want. This is completely normal! Rating each property on a scale of 1-10 helps narrow this down. 🚫Any property that ranks at an 8 or higher means we are in the offer writing territory.✔️ Knowing that you’ll never find the perfect 10, but also knowing you can find a home that makes you smile and your heart sing is 100% possible! 💖…Be ready to go over the asking price – 💵If you’re new to the home buying process, going in over what the seller is asking for might seem wrong to you. In today’s competitive market, writing the best offer with the easiest terms is what will set you apart! Know that going over the asking price (sometimes significantly) can be the key to success! 💰…The most important part about the home search is to know the expectations, understand the market, and get excited!!😁

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