Fall Homeowner Checklist

November 12, 2020

Fall is the time to get ready for winter. The following is a collection of homeowner clues for seasonal activities. Fall Homeowner Checklist:

  1. Sprinkler System: Blow water out of lawn sprinkler systems before first frost. Blow out each zone using an air compressor
  2. Hoses: Disconnect outdoor hoses from water sources (faucets). A hose left on a frost free hose bib will allow ice to crack the hose bib.
  3. HVAC: Change the Air Filter in your forced air Heater/Air Conditioner. Get extra filters and set an alert to replace in future
  4. Winterize lawn tools: Pressure Washer, Lawn Mower, String Trimmer
  • Pressure Washer: Remove Water replace with lubricant, remove gas, run till carburetor is empty – Lawn Mower: Clean under carriage, drain gas, run till carburetor is empty – String Trimmer: Empty gas, Load new string, run till carburetor is empty

5. Tools: Clean gardening tools and apply a light coat of oil
6. Car: High Country Bound? Better tires for ice / snow, better windshield wipers
Spare tire air check
Oil, Windshield Washer level
Tires: Even Ware, inflation

7. Locate the windshield ice scraper
8. Gardening: Apply mulch to capture moisture
9. Turn over compost pile
10. Check the seals on doors and windows. Use a piece of paper to check

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