November 12, 2020

Donna and I met on a spring weekend! One day it was 70 degrees and the next, we had close to two feet of snow! That was quite the “Welcome to Colorado” weather! Donna was referred to me by two of the most amazing past clients, whom I’ve become great friends with! I picked her up from her hotel and we hit the highway for a weekend filled of house shopping. Donna was relocating to Colorado from North Carolina, this was a big change for her. We hit it off right away! We talked about everything over the next 3 days. From life, to move, to what she wanted in her dream home, we truly became friends. After three days and 30+ homes, we found “the one”. It was a stunning property on a quiet street. Donna wanted to make sure her new home made her feel safe and calm! As we pulled up to the house, we noticed that the next-door neighbor was a state trooper. This couldn’t have been any better! After a multiple offer situation, we got the house! Four weeks later and one contingent home sale, Donna closed on her first Colorado home! I couldn’t have been more honored to have helped her!! Congratulations Donna!!!!

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