A little story about a lawn mower who could…

November 11, 2020

As new homeowner, Mark and I needed a lawn mower. We looked all over Craigslist, Nextdoor and neighborhood yard sales. We are lucky, in that my dad is well versed in lawn mower greatness. After weeks of searching, we found a heck of a deal, and after making sure the mower was in good working condition, we proudly brought it home. It was at home, when we first pulled it out, that for some reason the pull cord was not starting the engine. We were mad, frustrated and just wanted to cut our grass. Dad to the rescue, per usually. He determined that if we take a flat head screw driver and put it into the carburetor to hold open the throttle, it started beautifully.

Here is the problem, you have a screw driver jammed into the carburetor while your pulling cord to start the engine. Super safe…but the only way it would start. This was tricky, when starting it solo. One hand holding the gas down, the other removing the screwdriver and closing up the filter all while keeping it running. Naturally, we did some research and found a possible solution. This teeny, tiny spring (Brigs & Stratton choke springs, 790849 Spring-air vane) was either gone or broken. This spring attaches to the choke and allow is to open when needed. We thought, “hey, let’s give it a try” Low and behold, BOOM, fixed…a total of $4 for the part and 5 minute of your precious time. Below are the photo from the journey to help the next victim of lawn mower sassiness. Below are pics of our Briggs and Stratton engine on our Snapper lawn mower.

I hope that you found success as we did. Cheers!

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