Hazardous Duty

November 13, 2020

Even the most sober get snagged by trip hazards over 3/4 of an inch. Houses that have seen changes, commonly have floors that vary in height from room to room. Our home was built in 1941 and has seen it’s share of changes. New flooring lead to a 1.25 inch trip hazard at the door to the bath room. I thought the local Hardware store would have a threshold that I could modify to fit. No joy…..

My pot of gold was the realization that I could make a threshold better than buying one. I found a clear chunk of 2 x 4. Next I cut a shallow angle on the long side using the Table Saw. A second pass was needed to modify width to 1.25 inches. Sand, size to door, trim, paint Even a leprechaun would like this threshold!

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