A Safer 2018 at home

November 11, 2020

This clue pertains to electric shock safety. If your home has Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets (Bath room, kitchen, outside, and garage) that are old they should be tested using a good test tool. Good test tools range up to a couple hundred dollars.

— or — Have circuits tested by Certified Home Inspectors or Licensed Electricians Why: GFCI and AFCI circuit interrupters provide a measure of safety by disconnecting power to devices or situations that are dangerous. Kitchen devices might be faulty mixers, blenders, food processors, dish washers, or garbage disposals. “Dangerous” can range from a shock to in the worst case death or fires. If you are experiencing circuits going dead or Interrupters tripping it’s time to hire a Licensed Electrician. Real Life: Today I replaced an old GFCI bathroom outlet that also controlled outlets in the kitchen. This outlet could be tripped via the test button but power remained at the receptacles. Twenty-year-old receptacle was dangerous and provided a false sense of security. Replacement receptacle cost under $20. Same job had me replacing old smoke detectors with Smoke and Carbon Monoxide sensors that broadcast a verbal warning.

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