Optimism and resolution meets us in January for the New Year. If home projects are in your plan, this note is a set of clues for the maintenance of butcher block countertops. If your counter top is raw and rough, it will need to be sanded. Clue 1: Sand with Random Orbital Sander hooked to […]

Reviving Butcher Block Countertops

Santa is tuning the sleigh! Before you know it the cookies and milk will be history. Santa needs to be able to sneak the glass and saucer into the dishwasher. Our Dishwasher had really noisy springs on the door. So why not fix the noise. Screw driver, chap stick, and about 30 minutes, done. Santa […]

Santa Stealth

In a galaxy closer than you think, spring is finally here! As you are getting your yard ready, here are some tips and tick about keep your grass happy! Sprinkler System Activation First Step: See if big leaks exist after turning on water. Once located, fix! Second Step: Sprinkler Testing via the Control Panel- Test […]

Spring is Here! Now, Is Your Yard Ready?!

Buying a home can be scary and exhilarating. Most properties have multiple systems that make a home more comfortable and safe. Do you realize the seasons play a role in home maintenance? Lower temperatures bring multiple issues into focus: Switch to heat on the HVAC side. Time to cover the A/C Condenser or Swamp Cooler […]

Halloween Home Inspector

Spring time is the best time to get your garden planned. Living in Colorado, we need to be aware of our water consumption and use. Having a garden planned around water conservation is the way to go! My mom, who is a Master Gardener, turned me onto Garden in a Box. This is such a […]

Garden Ready!

Fall is the time to get ready for winter. The following is a collection of homeowner clues for seasonal activities. Fall Homeowner Checklist: Sprinkler System: Blow water out of lawn sprinkler systems before first frost. Blow out each zone using an air compressor Hoses: Disconnect outdoor hoses from water sources (faucets). A hose left on […]

Fall Homeowner Checklist

Life in Denver can be difficult in April. Main focus: Outside water systems Hoses: Warm days in the 70’s, nights dip down into the 30’s inspires gardening of all sorts. If the forecast is below 32 F, disconnect the outside hose. Leaving the hose on a frost free hose faucet (bib) in cold weather will […]

April Showers Bring Outdoor Watering Systems?!

As new homeowner, Mark and I needed a lawn mower. We looked all over Craigslist, Nextdoor and neighborhood yard sales. We are lucky, in that my dad is well versed in lawn mower greatness. After weeks of searching, we found a heck of a deal, and after making sure the mower was in good working […]

A little story about a lawn mower who could…

Valentine’s Day: A day to do something nice for your significant other. Here are a few tips and tricks to make your home cozier this February! Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash 1. Replace the HVAC Filter– If you are down to the last one buy 3 more- It is always handy to have a […]

A Little Love For Your Home