Santa Stealth

November 15, 2020

Santa is tuning the sleigh! Before you know it the cookies and milk will be history. Santa needs to be able to sneak the glass and saucer into the dishwasher. Our Dishwasher had really noisy springs on the door. So why not fix the noise. Screw driver, chap stick, and about 30 minutes, done. Santa Happy!

Step: 1 Remove two screws holding dishwasher to counter.

Step 2: Remove two screws on the bottom kick plate. Notice the idea that there is a movablePanel.

Step 3: Pull out the dishwasher. On front lower Corner is a rope assembly attached to a spring. This rope needs some lubricant.I used chapstick to coat the rope.

Step 4: Test your solution

Step 5: Slide Dishwasher back into original location. Attach screws, leave loose. Test door clearance. If clearance is good tighten the top screws.

Step 6: Reattach the kick plate.

Step 7: Test door and smile

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