Carissa, Leigh & Elden

November 12, 2020

No matter what business you are in, when your friends reach out for your help, it always feels good. Carissa and Leigh were no exception! Carissa and I have known each other since we started kindergarten in Nederland. As a 7th generation Boulder/Nederland native, it’s no surprise that us Ned kids stick together. From ski racing in high school to having coffee and chatting about buying their first home, it was a humbling moment when they both reached out! It was over a year ago that we started the initial conversation about the home buying process. They both knew they wanted to stop renting and put down some roots. Especially, with their sweet new son Elden, they wanted a space where he could grow up, a space of their own! A few months ago, I got a text from Carissa, who mentioned they were ready to start back on the hunt! We chatted for close to an hour about what they wanted in a home, budget, and location. Then, we were off to the races. They both knew they wanted to get out of the city grind to a slower, more calm pace of life. And Gilpin County offered just that! So we Ned kids went back to the stomping grounds! It was so much fun being back in my childhood neighborhoods, looking at houses with two of the best people. After searching for over a month (inventory in the mountains is tight) we found THE ONE!!!!! A 1976 cabin off Gap Road, just a few minutes from a lake and Golden Gate State Park. It was literally PERFECT for them! The home had original sellers, a badass listing agent, and my buyers loved the property. We even got to met the neighbors on inspection! After one of the easiest under contract transactions, I can proudly say that Carissa, Leigh, and Elden are officially mountain folks once again! It truly was an enormous honor to have helped such amazing, long-term friends achieve something magical!!! That is what makes my job not feel like a job. I was almost crying when I handed over the keys! Best wishes, new memories, and lots of outdoor time for these Gilpin County residents!

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