Common Realtor Misconceptions

November 12, 2020

As with any industry, there are common misconceptions about the process, what you do and how you help. Real estate is no different. If anything, it feels like there are even more than normal. Being a real estate professional, I hear these myths come up often. I wanted to “debunk” them. Sure, in some situations this might be the case. Most often, it couldn’t be more false. I hope this helps you navigate this fun world of buying and selling homes!

1. We don’t know everything about your financial situation, only the bank does – Often times, friends think that working with someone they know means that person get to peek into their financial picture. This is just not true. As agents, we speak with your lender or bank, and they let us know if you are well qualified, with a good credit score and ready to buy a home. They also let us know if there are any factors to consider when looking at homes. Agents don’t want to know your financial life story, just that you can afford the homes your looking at. So, rest assured, we don’t dig into your personal finances. 2. Being a younger agent (under the age of 50), doesn’t mean I am any less knowledgable – this is always a hurtle that younger agents deal with on a regular basis. Since we are young professionals, we are often times involved in social media, market information and networking groups. This makes our age range a benefit. Don’t you want someone working for you that is always on the cutting edge of what is working in an industry and what is not? 3. Having a buyer’s agent is a waste of money – this couldn’t be further from the truth. As a buyer’s agent, we work for you (the buyer) and the seller (in most cases) pays our commission. It wont cost you a dime to have someone negotiating on your behalf, looking out for your best interests and being there as your agent to help you through the process! 4. By going directly to the listing agent, you’ll get a better deal – this is not always the case. Listing agents, likely have a agency relationship with their seller. This means, if you go directly to the listing agent, they will not have your interests in mind, but rather the sellers. This goes back to having a buyer’s agent who wont cost you a dime! 5. Working with people you know is fun – this is so true! When you get to work with friends, family members or referrals, your bound for a good time! You already have that relationship. Why not have that awesome person help your though on of your biggest milestones? It’s just more fun! 6. Referring someone, who is good at their job, regardless of the profession, priceless – yes, yes, yes! Have you ever had an amazing experience with a mechanic, plumber or printing shop? You want to tell everyone you know to work with that person, because you had just a great experience. Real estate is no different. A referral means the world to an agent. If you had a great experience, share the love!

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