Little Renovation Ideas for BIG returns

February 7, 2023

Little renovation ideas for BIG returns…🤩

If you’re getting ready to sell your house, these are three minor updates you can make to your home to boost your home’s value on the market. 🏡

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✨ Add a backsplash to your kitchen & paint cabinets
✨ Add smart devices throughout your home to add automation appeal
✨ Freshen up your look with new coats of paint to cover up wear & tear

FUN FACT: A market research firm found that 33% of homes had smart technology in 2020 & currently, that number could be as high as 60%.

As we inch closer to the springtime market, ensuring your home is show ready and truly shines in the best light possible will be KEY when trying to sell for the highest amount.

As we saw the market calm down just a hair, buyers are more thoughtful when deciding which home to offer. Sellers, this means you’ve got to catch that buyer’s eye from the moment they walk in!

Making these small changes in your space can lead to some serious ROI!

Which idea do you want to try first? Tell me in the comments!

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