Looking Into My Crystal Ball – What 2018 Has In Store For the Denver Real Estate Market

November 13, 2020

I get asked often, “what does the future look like for the Denver real estate market?”. Let me look into my crystal ball…

In Denver, we will continue to see a strong sellers market. Though, December and January tend to feel like a lull, it is only the calm before the storm. The amount of active deattached family homes dropped nearly 20%, but demand remained strong.

When there is low inventory and demand for homes remains high, this leads to an increase in price. This is the basic, supply and demand scenario.

The chart below shows the levels of inventory in particular price brackets. As you can see, Denver is experiencing VERY low levels of inventory in nearly every category. If your buying your first home or looking to move up, you will need to have some strategy on how you approach the market.

My crystal ball tells me (based off data) that pricing will continue to increase and so will demand. Waiting an extra year can price a buyer out of the market. Sellers, if you are looking to move, the market has never been stronger! Whether you’re a seller or a buyer, I am here to help you navigate this market. There are tricks and tips to help you sell your home for the highest amount or finally land your dream home!

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