November 13, 2020

Lauren saw a post about me on the Rocky Mountain French Bulldog Facebook page. She reached out in early February, we met for coffee in Cap Hill and talked bulldogs and real estate. She’s a first time home buyer, so this process was all very new to her. As we sipped our ☕ chai lattes and gushed about how much we love frenchies, we chatted about all things home buying. A few topics we covered: ☑️ What the pre-approval process looks like?☑️ What happens after you find “the one”?☑️ What does inspection look like? You know – all the right questions! Shortly after we met for coffee, Lauren was rocking out her pre-approval process. Not only was she so organized, but she is a “get it done” kind of girl!! It didn’t take long for us to hit the home search! 🙌🏻 As we looked at a handful of townhomes, we found that Lauren truly wanted a single-family home. She desired her own space and a yard for her sweet pup, Ivy. Then, this absolutely adorable home popped back on the market! We knew we had to see it RIGHT away. With the threat of another offer, we came in strong with a quicker close and won!! ✨ It was truly meant to be. Not only did Lauren lock her interest rate at one of the all-time lows, but she also purchased her home with instant equity! She literally 💥 crushed the real estate game!!! I am so excited to come over for 🍸 cocktails (once it’s safe, of course) and watch our frenchie girls playing in her massive backyard!!! If you think owning a home is unattainable, I am here to show you that it’s not!!! Congratulations, Lauren, I am so freaking excited for you! 🥳

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