Joel & Remi

November 13, 2020

I was on my way home from an afternoon of showings when I got a call from a number that didn’t look familiar. On the other end was a super nice (and yes, you can hear the niceness in someone’s voice) couple who had gotten my number from a past client. There is nothing more special than to get a call from folks you’ve never met. As I hustled home to chat with them about what was going on in their world, I couldn’t help but get a good feeling about them! As we chatted, it was mostly business with Joel and Remi. They were asking all the right questions, almost interview like. As we talked about the process, I was super excited to help! We finished the call and said they would chat and let me know if they felt it was a good fit! Nothing like making you sweat it out. A few minutes later, I got a text from them saying how much they enjoyed our conversation. Phew, because I felt the same way!!! We started the search quickly after! They had a pretty good idea of what they wanted in their first home. As newlyweds and career-driven millennials, we had a pretty precise list of needs and wishes. At the very top was a big yard for their new pup Sammy! We toured a few homes, but nothing stood out. On a Saturday morning, we had about five properties to look at. This home was tucked back on a cul-a-sac and was literally perfection from the moment we drove up. I could tell they loved it at first sight! As we walked the house, we noticed the backyard didn’t have any fencing between the two neighbors. It was all an “open floor plan” style in the yard. It was a total deal-breaker. We walked the rest of the house quickly, because not having the ability to have a fenced-in yard was a hard no. While we finished up our day, I had this gut feeling that I needed to connect with the listing agent to confirm the fence situation. After a quick call, I had good news for Joel and Remi! A fence was totally due able!!! Yipppeee!!! We wrote an excellent offer that the sellers just couldn’t pass up. We rocked through the inspection and under contract process and made it to closing in two in a half weeks! Joel and Remi are now the proud owners of this stunning Lakewood home!!!! With space to grow as a family, a yard for sweet pup Sammy, and a 4-car garage for Joel, everyone was nothing but smiles!!! I am so excited for all the amazing memories they are going to make in their beautiful new home!

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