Home Inspections: Like School, We Learn All The Time!

November 13, 2020

Back to school is a constant pursuit for Home Inspectors, and every home is a unique set of systems. HVAC systems are always changing or needing maintenance. Clue: Did you know an infrared camera can detect a clogged A/C Condenser? All condensers create heat which can be detected by IR Camera. The following picture is a Condenser running normally (left) and one with miswired motor (right).

Procedure Steps:

  1. Note current thermostat setting
  2. Set thermostat to lower temperature
  3. Go outside and scan the Condenser unit
  4. Cold in the middle indicates clogged coils

What Other uses for Infra-Red?

  1. Electrical Panels: Hot breakers are either overloaded or shorted
  2. Water Presence: Water is usually colder than environment
  3. Insulation Presence: Hot Ceiling where joists are visible = Deficient Insulation
  4. Air Infiltration: Bad seals around doors, cold outlets = deficient wall insulation
  5. Temperature: Water Temp, Oven Temp, Dish Washer temp

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