Allie & Phil

November 11, 2020

On this beautiful morning, I want to take a moment to share a story about two amazing friends who bought a 🏡 home sight unseen in the midst of covid-19. Now, you might be thinking, why on earth would ANYONE ever purchase a home sight unseen? Allie, Phil and I met for cocktails early in March. They were both ready to start looking for a single-family home of their own! ✅ A big backyard ✅ somewhere equally in between their jobs ✅ open to some projects, these two knew what they wanted! We had a looked at a handful of homes, then 💥 BOOM. Covid quarantine locked everyone down. Realtors were unable to do any in-person showings. So when this Wheat Ridge DREAM home popped onto the market, we had to great creative. Since I was unable to show them the properties, they had to drive by, look at photos, and pull the trigger without even stepping foot inside. Now, we did have a clause in our contract that allowed them to tour the home, in-person, 24 hours after the offer was accepted! That’s how you get creative! 🙌🏻 Thankfully, the property was even more amazing in person! As we rocked out the home buying process, socially distant, 😷 wearing masks, and closing in their car, these two did it! I am so FREAKING excited to see how they transform their new home. Not to mention, it is always so fun and such an honor to get to work with your friends! Let’s give a huge congratulations to these new homeowners! 🥳

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