Ali & Alex

November 11, 2020

Ali, Alex, and I connected through Instagram. They were new to Colorado, currently renting, and wanted to explore the idea of buying their first home. We met in June at Lowdown Brewery on Lincoln Street downtown. We all ordered the same beer (a delicious cherry sour), and I knew we would be great friends! Ali and Alex rocked out the pre-approval process, and before we knew it, we were ready to start the house hunt. On a sunny Wednesday afternoon, the three of us met to see five properties across Denver. Let me tell you about the last home that we looked at… We walked inside, and I instantly could tell how much they loved the space. We named it “Perfect” because it simply was perfect. They both were a little nervous that they had found a home on literally the first day of house shopping. Was it too soon? Had they seen enough homes? Would they miss out on something better? I talked through these questions with them, and we decided to try looking at another round of homes to see how they felt about it. After the second day, we knew that “Perfect” was the one for them! After an effortless under contract process, we were at closing! The sellers were terrific- the energy couldn’t have been better! I was so honored to have helped two of the most wonderful clients ever find their first home! I am so excited about all the incredible memories you both will make in your “perfect” home! Want to know more about how making the switch from renting to buying your first home? Let’s chat! Send me a DM or drop your question in the comments. I love answering these kinds of questions!

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