Noah & Jacob

Noah and I connected a few months ago. A super sweet past client referred him to me. Noah explained his situation and how he plans to have his brother relocate from Georgia to live with him and his friends. 

Being a slightly different real estate situation, I loved the idea! Instead of throwing away money on rent, Noah’s parents wanted to get their kids a home where they could build wealth and credit! 

So we hit the search! Narrowing it down to Arvada, it was fun to tour homes with Noah and his friend! We laughed quite a bit, and we eventually found the one! 

The sellers recently renovated the home, leaving the backyard with zero landscaping. It was an eyesore, to say the least. We saw this as an opportunity to work on the price. We can in LOW, and with some negotiation, we got it. We worked through lengthy repairs, and with some magic, we got it again! 

It was a happy day to see these two start their homeownership journey! And it truly was my honor to have helped! 

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