Look Who Bought a House: Kayla

November 13, 2023

Meet Kayla! She is pretty much a real estate pro at this point! Kayla and I go way back, like to the college days! So, when Kayla was ready to reenter the market, I was honored to help!

Before I get into how she managed to find the cutest house in all of Denver, we need to go back to 2019, when she purchased her first condo in Green Mountain. A few years and a handful of renovations later, she decided to sell in 2021. With her cost-effective upgrades to her condo, she had proceeds from the sale.

Then…she waited. She felt that renting for a little bit made sense as we worked through a competitive market.

Then it popped up! The most adorable home in an incredible neighborhood, it was PERFECT. She rolled her proceeds from the sale in 2021, utilized a 2/1 Interest Rate Buydown, and got massive seller proceeds to help offset her closing costs. She was able to snag a cute home in a great neighborhood, with land for $12K down.

The power of real estate. If you get your foot in the door, the options are limitless!

Have other questions about the home-buying process? Send me a DM or leave a comment below! I am about cutting through the noise to give you clear, honest info!

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