October 11, 2023

I initially met with Nick and his awesome parents in May. He was referred to me by some fantastic past clients, and nothing makes me feel more amazing than that!

We all grabbed some coffee and chatted about the home-buying process. Nick was ready to set some roots and buy his first home. His brother, having just gone through this process in the PNW, Nick, and his parents had a little insight into buying homes.

Nick was so calm and laid back. I knew that we were going to get along just perfectly! After our meeting, we hit the ground running. Checking out a few different neighborhoods, we quickly found one that Nick LOVED. It’s a little pocket of Englewood that sits next to Cherry Hill Village, and boy, is it cute over there!

With quiet streets and charming homes, it’s hard not to fall in love! And when we toured this first home, it was love. However, the sellers could not meet us anywhere in the middle when we worked through price negotiations, so upward and onward, as hard as that can sometimes be.

Then, we found something even better! And with interest rates rising quickly, we were able to come WAY under asking, with a full inspection everything. It was a total dream!

The house is perfect, and I truly couldn’t be more excited for them!!!

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