Geo & Audrey

Oooooo, they did it again! Meet Geo and Audrey! I have known both of these amazing people for a few years now. When I helped them purchase their first home, I knew these two would do big things.

And here we are, two years later, with big things happening! When they reached out a few months ago, we chatted about their real estate goals. They were currently living in their ADORABLE Cap Hill condo with their two big dogs. They were ready for more space!

So we prepped their condo and hit the market. Working through a weird real estate time, they never gave up their sight on the dream home. Through HOA adventures, crazy interest rate hikes, and everything in-between, we finally made it to the finish line.

We sold their condo in the morning and purchased their replacement home in the afternoon. Everyone involved was AMAZING!!! The flexibility that both sellers and agents gave knowing the end goals were the same, was incredible. There is no better feeling than when everyone is working together!

So, these two now have a beautiful new home, a massive backyard for the pups, and all the space! I couldn’t be happier for both of them! It was such an honor to have helped! Congrats on finding the dream home!!!!

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