Ryan & Ann

Ok, so this one is extra special to me because it’s my brother and sister-in-law. You know each transaction is important, but when it’s your family, everything needs to be perfect!

Ryan and Ann were ready to trade in the busy city life for their slice of mountain oasis! And boy, did they find the perfect spot to grow together in! This Black Hawk home sat on the market for a while, music to my ears! The longer time on the market means more room for negotiations. And we did just that! Getting concessions to offset closing costs was a slam dunk! Though she needed some love, they were ready to take on the challenge!

But, to buy the mountain dream home, they had to sell their Denver home first! So we listed it on a Thursday and were under contract by Sunday! We rocked through the deadlines, and BOOM, we lined up two closings on the same day! Sale of one house in the morning, purchase of the new home in the afternoon. It was all rainbows… well sorta.

When we went to Black Hawk for the final walk before closing, the house was a DISASTER!!! We are talking trash, furniture, food, and a whole house full of stuff. At a loss of words, the listing agent and I figured out how to get the seller’s things out of the house. With a few other bumps in the road, we finally made it through. And goodness, these two were so patient, flexible, and wonderful to work with! They understood the process and did everything they needed to for everything to line up perfectly! It’s moments like this that make me smile just a little more!

Congrats to Ryan and Ann on the successful sale of their home and the purchase of their new one! I couldn’t be more excited for you both!!

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  1. Erin Biddle says:

    This was so nice Kelsea. I’m sure Ryan and Ann will appreciate your kind words

  2. Ann says:

    Thank you for all your hard work! It definitely made every bump in the road smoother. We are incredibly excited for this chapter and honored that you a part of it!

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