Dan & Tommy

December 29, 2022

Meet Dan and Tommy! We were connected from a super fun past client of mine. My past client was Dan’s boss! Dan, Tommy, and I initially chatted a few months back. They were ready to stop renting and put their own roots down. They knew this was not going to be their dream home, but an amazing starting point to rent out in the future or sell in a few years.

We started their search on a Wednesday afternoon. After touring a few condos in a few buildings, it became very clear that were looking for something a bit more “homie”. Something with a front door rather than a hallway entry. 

As soon as we pulled up to this townhome in the Grandville complex, it was love at first sight! Everything about this one was perfect! From the super cute exterior, to the open layout and no neighbors above you, it was a slam dunk! 

Now, the real kicker with this one was Dan and Tommy closed on the home for around $2000 total. Yep, you read that right. Literally purchased this home for $2000 out of pocket. And their monthly payment wasn’t much higher than what they were paying in rent. 

Here is how my buyers bought this 🏡…

The math breaks down like this:

They used an FHA CHFA loan. They received 4% in CHFA down payment assistance and got a $7000 seller credit reducing their cash to close to around $2000 total!

I am so so so exited for their two on their perfect new spot! And just in time for the holidays! Congrats Dan and Tommy! 

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