Ash & Ray

November 9, 2022

OMG, I cannot even begin to share how happy I am for my sellers. It has been a journey, nothing short of wild for these two! Ash and Ray purchased this fantastic Cap Hill condo back in 2018. They LOVED living in this space. It was bright, sunny, and in the perfect location! With a job transfer this past spring, they knew they needed to sell their condo. We listed it back at the beginning of March and were shocked when it didn’t fly off the market. It’s so cute, and they had done a ton of work to the space. Fast forward 6 months we finally closed on their condo. We had been through the mud together. We had weird things happen that were out of our control, but we freaking did it! We weathered a shifting market and got creative with staging and new photos. We offered concessions for 2/1 Buy Downs, and in the end, we found the perfect set of buyers who genuinely LOVED the space. Once we got to the closing table, everyone was happy. And those are the moments that make my heart smile. Real estate can be a journey, and you want to ensure that if you are on that journey, you are doing it with someone you trust!

Ash and Ray, I am so happy we got this done! And I will miss our (almost) daily convos and chats. Wishing these two the absolute best on their new adventure!

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