August 8, 2022

Ok, we are going back, like WAY back. Josh and I had met at a YPHMFR at WeWork in RiNo ages ago. Like, I mean years ago. We connected immediately and stayed in touch as the years passed. Then it was Josh’s time to take to the home-buying streets.

We rocked his pre-approval and hit the home search with some gusto. We toured a handful of homes around the Denver and Arvada area, but there wasn’t that special one. The one that made his heart explode. Well, that all changed once we toured a beautiful new build community in Arvada. From the moment we walked through the model home, I knew this was it.

And how could it not be?! These townhomes were beyond perfect. All the space he and his pup could want. Not to mention everything was BRAND NEW. Like shiny and beautiful new. The best part?! When we signed his contracts, we didn’t have to compete or overpay as we saw back in the spring. Altogether it was the perfect situation. He locked in a killer rate, and then we just sat back and waited.

The builders were terrific and kept on a pretty accurate timeline with very minimal delays. It was a pretty straightforward process, thank goodness!

Josh gets to call this swanky spot home for awhile. It truly was such an honor to have helped, and I am so damn excited for him and all the memories he’s going to make in his new home!!!

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