Dominique & Alex

Dominique, Alex, and I had first talked way back at the end of January. They relocated to Colorado from the south back in 2019, and decided that Denver would be home for a while! They knew it was time to put down some roots after making it through lockdown in an apartment with a cute dog.

We spent a few weekends with each other looking at many different homes. We left no rock unturned from fixer-uppers in Castle Rock to move-in-ready homes in Aurora. It wasn’t until this perfect, and I mean perfect, townhome popped up in Parker. It was everything they were looking for in a property.

These two entered the market right as the springtime madness had started. So when we saw this townhome hit the market, we knew we needed to be some of the first people there even to have a shot at it.

So we headed out on a Thursday afternoon to check it out. From the moment we drove up, it was pure magic. This home was nearly brand new, only a few years old. It was a slamdunk!

I ran home after our showing and put together a VERY strong offer to entice the sellers to accept before their Sunday deadline. We pulled out all the stops. With poor communication from the listing agent, we thought they had just blown us off. Then, suddenly, I got a call that the sellers loved our offer and wanted to move forward. It was a fairy tale story.

We rocked through the inspection, had a rocky appraisal situation, but managed to make everything work. Major thanks to Shelby Barrett for her excellent problem-solving options. When appraisals come in low…it’s not fun for anyone.

But in the end, it all worked out. These two worked through a tough springtime market and came out with a beautiful first home! I truly couldn’t be more excited for them and all the special memories they will make in their new house!

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