Chelsea & Alex

Chelsea and Alex are no strangers to the real estate game. After selling their first condo a few years back (for a killing), then finding a dreamy duplex in the South Broadway area, these two were ready to take on another project. Their perfect new-build duplex, while it is amazing, just didn’t have enough projects for these two! So it was on the house hunt for the perfect fixer. They both have LOTS of knowledge in construction and were ready to find the perfect reno project. After looking at only a few homes, they found this cutie and sent it to me right away.

We carved out some time and headed to the burbs to check this one out. It was the perfect vanilla home for them! With just the right amount of projects, this was a slam dunk! Not only did it need some updating, the 90’s called and wants their brass everything back, but it was located in a great community. We are talking killer walking trails, a pool, and a lake to paddleboard on. It was the perfect location for these two.

Since the home had come back on the market (due to buyer cold feet), we were able to write a killer offer AT ASKING PRICE. In the Denver market these days, we don’t see at asking very often. It seems that they got lucky on this one.

We rocked through a pretty easy inspection, and boom, we made it to closing. With such excellent sellers, a great listing agent, and fantastic buyers, this was as smooth as it goes in the real estate world!

I’m so dang excited to see what these two do to make the space their own! I have a feeling it’s going to be a total transformation once they are done with it!! So, congrats to my favorite house hackers! I am so dang excited for you both!

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