Cameron & Jasmine

February 7, 2022

Cam and Jasmine were referred to me by some past clients of mine. We meet up early on a Saturday morning at a coffee shop in Platt Park. As we sipped on chai lattes, we chatted about their goals, timeline, and what to expect in this cray market.

As always, the first step is to chat with a mortgage lender. I got them connected with Shelby, who is my all-time fav. They rocked through the pre-approval process, and boom, we were ready to start the hunt!

I could tell Cam and Jasmine were the types of folks who knew exactly what they wanted. So when we headed out for our first weekend of tours, I wasn’t surprised when they were ready to write their first offer. The market in Denver has been on fire since the beginning of the new year. Well, let’s be honest, it’s been on fire for years. We had chatted about what it takes to win an offer when competing on each home.

We ended up not winning the first or even the second, but it was lucky number 5 that we finally got it! Lesson learned, don’t give up! The house we got under contract ended up being BEYOND perfect for them, thankful that we missed out on the others.

We worked through a pretty clean inspection but had some hurtles on the appraisal. However, with some hard work, number crushing, and data pulling, we were able to figure out a win-win for them!

In the end, they landed the dream home and couldn’t be more excited to call Highlands Ranch, home! Don’t let this market scare you. Don’t let losing out on offers scare you. There is greatness out there sometimes it just takes a little extra time!

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