Carina & Tegan

November 4, 2021

Carina and I had started talking this past spring. She was relocating from the Bay area and wanted to start the process of maybe buying her first home. We had chatted on the phone for a while, and I could tell right away she would be so fun to work with! After a summer of fun adventures, she was back in CO and ready to hit the ground running.

Staying with her bestie and family up in Evergreen was the perfect situation for her while she started house hunting. Funny enough, her best friend’s mom was also her lender. This made things SO easy!!

We went out on a Saturday, and Carina brought along her best friend Tegan to join her on the hunt. Tegan would be her second opinion and potential roomie down the road, so she wanted her involved in the process.

We found this dreamy townhome in Sloan’s Lake, and it was real love. So we all raced home, wrote a badass contract. Then found out we didn’t get the house. We were all so bummed, but I knew this meant there was something even better out there for us.

I got a text from Carina, and it went something like this, “we’ve seen this house, and we can’t stop thinking about it. Could we maybe just go and check it out?”. Heck yeah, we can!!!! So Carina and I met at this brand new house in Sloan’s. Tegan was super busy with work and training and couldn’t make it. The moment Carina and I walked inside, I KNEW this was it! We are talking 4 bedrooms, an insane layout, a perfect office space for the two of them, and a rooftop with views of Empower Field. Ummmm, does it get any better than that?!?!

Carina and Tegan had pivoted. Because this dreamy abode was slightly higher than Carina’s budget alone, they decided they wanted to go in on it together, split 50/50. We wrote a killer offer. Like, “balls to the wall no one was going to beat us” kind of offer. And we did it, all while Tegan was running an Ironman in Boulder. All of Tegan’s family, Carina included, got to share with her at the finish like they got the house! Talk about a day of crazy accomplishments!

We rocked the under contract process, had a few minor bumps in the road before closing (got to love working with builders), but we did it! These ladies now have one of the most stunning townhomes in Sloan’s. Not only did it over appraise, but they are walking into a brand new home together! With future rental potential, these two are setting themselves up for real estate greatness!!! I am so dang excited for all the fun these two are going to have at their new pad!!!

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