Shawna & Steve

Say a big hello to our newest Colorado residents!!! 🎉

Because of covid and lockdown, we had to get creative with “You’re Paying How Much For Rent”, and taking it to Zoom was just that! It allowed us to network with amazing folks across the US. Shawna – who was living in California – was one of them!

Shawna and Steve lived in the Bay Area and were ready to relocate to beautiful Colorado. 🏔

In the fall of last year, we did a super fun discovery day.

🚗 A discovery day is where we drive around and explore neighborhoods, homes, and overall vibes that they love the most. That way, when they go home, they know what they are looking for and can narrow down the search.

Our discovery day yielded that they both wanted to be close to shops, restaurants, and activities. North Denver was just that!

As we worked through the pre-approval process, they both were ready to hit the ground running.

Holidays are the BEST time to house hunt. There is less competition, and it’s a great opportunity to snag something up.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning over Memorial Day Weekend. We had 5 showings scheduled, all virtually done since they both were still in CA. At each home, I did a video walk-through and sent them my thoughts.

There was this PERFECT home in Berkeley. 💗

Less than a block to the park, close to Tennyson, and oh so cute.

We wrote one fantastic offer, and got it accepted! 🎉

We did everything down to inspection from afar. Finally, we made it to closing, and Steve flew out to sign the docs!! It was one of the calmest and easiest under-contracts I have had in a long time. All while Shawna and Steve were in California.

I am so excited to welcome two amazing people who are our newest Colorado residents! I cannot wait to see all the magic you put into your perfect new home!!!! Congratulations, Shawna and Steve!!!! 🥳

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