Kaimana & Nick

May 3, 2021

Meet Kaimana and Nick! We first talked about houses in December of 2020. Their good friends (and past clients of mine) had moved and purchased a home in Evergreen a few months back. We chatted on the phone for over an hour about all things Denver real estate. They relocated to CO from a studio apartment in Brooklyn. They were ready for some more space. After lockdown in a tiny apartment, I could understand their thoughts!

My favorite quote from Nick that genuinely set the tone for the hunt was, “the real estate market never sleeps”. I couldn’t agree more. We hit the pavement with everything we had and a few months later, seven offers down, we finally found and won the bidding war.

The market in Denver has been challenging. Thousands over asking, massive appraisal gaps, and limited inspection are the new norm these days. As first-time home buyers, this can be a tough order to fill, but these two preserved. Through house heartbreak, I kept reassuring them the universe works in wild ways, and the perfect home was still out there—Waiting for us.

Sure enough, it was. From the moment we walked in, this was it! Beyond words, we knew this home was exceptional. We ran home, drafted an incredible offer, and submitted it with everything we had. On Saturday night, I got the call that the sellers wanted to work with us, and they signed our offer. I have never been so happy for buyers! We did it!!!

With an easy inspection, a WONDERFUL listing agent, and fabulous sellers, we made it to closing. There is nothing better than everyone working together to really make a transaction special!

I am so dang excited for these two and all the epic memories they will make in their beautiful new home! Congratulations Nick and Kaimana!

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