When you have a frenchie, it’s like your part of a secret society of other fellow frenchie owners. Justina is one of those frenchie gals! We met through a mutual friend, who also has a frenchie. I am starting to see a trend here…

Justina and I connected a while back. She was ready to stop renting and purchase something of her own! She just didn’t know where to start! We had a great phone call, got her in touch with my fav lender, and set up a game plan!

After a few months of working through the lending side, we were ready to start home shopping! We met on a chilly winter morning to look at a townhome up north. We walked inside, looked at each other, and said, “nope”. It was not pretty, not one bit! I reassured her that we have to look through the turds to find the real gems! Just like that, the most perfect Westminster condo popped up. Awesome location, super cute, and had a garage!! Best part?! It was under $250,000!!!!!

We snatched it, not a dollar over asking, a significant win in itself!!! We rocked through the inspection process and closed on this cute condo!!!

I am SO freaking excited about all the memories and equity Justina is going to make!!! I will say, even with a smaller budget, there are still amazing deals in the Denver area!!!! Congrats to these two for absolutely crushing it!

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