Katelyn & Kookie

February 10, 2021

Katelyn, Kookie, and I meet each other on a Saturday afternoon via a Zoom call. It was the middle of November, and they were READY!!! Having started this process in the past, now felt like the right time to start the search back up!

They had already talked with a local lender over a year ago. All their documents were in, paperwork checked, and pre-approval.

The first day on the house hunt, I was unable to make it. I was so bummed, as it truly is my favorite part to meet my clients in person. The first home my colleague showed them, they loved it! Without ever meeting them or seeing the property, we wrote an offer. Sadly, it didn’t get accepted, so the search continued. We met up on weekends, laughed our way through homes, and really got to know each other!

After a few failed offer attempts, we saw this CUTE house come back on the market. It was priced at the top of their range, so we didn’t think it was possible to compete. The day before a planned road trip (because that’s what happens), we wrote an at-asking offer and got it accepted!

We worked through an inspection list, rocked out the title docs, and finally closed on this darling home that we didn’t overpay!!

When I say things happen as they should, this is what I am talking about!

Congratulations to these amazing humans on finding their dream home! I can’t wait to come over this summer and kick it in your backyard!

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