Daniela & Lamont

January 13, 2021

There is something extra special when you go back, like WAY back!!! Daniela and I have known each other since high school! Us Nederland kids seem to stick together!

She reached out a while back, and we met for cold-pressed juice in Boulder (the most Boulder of Boulder things to do!). We chatted about all things home buying, life in the mountains, and how perfect their family was! When I met her amazing husband, Lamont, I knew we all were going to have a blast!!

After a handful of months, we were ready to hit the home search! On day one, we found it. Literally, the most adorable home EVER!!!! The home was recently remodeled, and the hardwood floors instantly won us over!

We wrote one offer and got it accepted at the asking price; that NEVER happens in this market! I knew it was going to be the perfect first home for them! After a semi stressful lending situation, we pulled through, rocked it out, and this family gets to call this adorable property “home sweet home”.

I couldn’t be more excited for all the new memories, movie nights, and belly laughs this family is going to make!!! Congratulations again!!!!

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