Road Trip Season is Here!

November 15, 2020

The Fourth of July is a signal for the beginning of Road Trip Season. I experienced some issues with an older friends Trailer that had me thinking some RV check-out is in order. Below is a Pre Trip check out list that may help avoid on the road issues. RV Checklist:

  1. Check Propane: Selector switch selects which tank is used for cooking, refrigerator, and heat. Both tanks should be removed and refilled if needed. – Spray bottle with water and detergent to check for bubbles in propane connections. – If you carry propane for exterior grilling make sure tanks are full – Clean grill and test

2. Battery(s) condition: Clean terminals, distilled water in cells. If you have multiple batteries check all cells by removing the caps. – Water should cover the cells. Warning: Be careful not to overfill battery as the battery is full of hydrochloric acid.

3. Water checkout: Holding tank drain, sink traps, toilet valve: Load your RV with water, make sure plug is in the hot water tank. Turn on the pump. Check drain valve underneath camper – Closed – Make sure city water filter has a filter and is closed – Once pump stops the system is pressurized. > Check for leaks at faucets, shower connectors, and the toilet foot switch > Check hot water tank for leaks > Check sink traps underneath the sink for leaks

4. Awning Check: Look close for rips or deterioration. Use a ladder to examine the exposed portion of the awning for any damage – Any rips in the awning demand immediate attention/replacement – Example: Hail can cause small rips in the edge of the awning.

5. Roof Check: Solar Cell, skylight cracks, sealant condition. Examine all areas where sealant has been used to seal seams or penetrations. – If sealant is cracked (all caulk eventually cracks) then reapply Self Leveling caulk from the RV Store. – While on the roof plan to check skylights for cracks. Sky lights are easy and cheap to replace. – Plan to clean Solar Panels – dirt can decrease voltage gain by 50%.

6. Lights: Inside and Outside. With camper connected to tow vehicle check brakes, turn signals, and running lights. – Check inside lights

7. Refrigerator Checkout: Make sure the exhaust stack is clear of debris or cobwebs. Run the refrigerator on propane to verify functionality (Cold Freezer) – Test only with camper level (or very close to level).

8. Axel bearings: This step be best completed at a competent facility. Rear bearing needs to have grease. – Grease caps present and in good shape – Bearing failure is expensive and hard to get road service.

9. Hitch Checkout: Check mount bolts on vehicle frame for cracks. – Hitch on tow vehicle should have locking pin – Grease ball or fifth wheel – Add a little grease to the load leaving bars where they attach to hitch

10. Door Locks: Make sure the doors and screens are in good shape

11. Septic: Add water and deodorizer tab to septic. Make sure the septic hose is present and in good repair – Make sure your water hose is present and in good repair.

12 Tires: Check air pressure per specs on tire – Check for damage to tread and side walls

13. Tow Vehicle: Check oil, Windshield washer, Battery condition, Tires, Alignment, A/C, Radio/Stereo

14. Camera Check: Batteries, Charger, Memory Card

15. Bon Voyage: Pack and have a great trip!

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