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November 13, 2020

This past weekend, Mark and I took our first trip out of Colorado since early February. Traveling has always been something that we love. It’s our refresh, our time away from work, and a total life reset. While Covid has messed up the entire world, not traveling has been one of the hardest adjustments. So, our little weekend to CA was JUST want we needed. Having been grinding (like truly working my ass off), I needed this! So, I wanted to share some of my favorite hacks that makes traveling a little better! Ok, if you don’t have a luggage weight tool, you are living on the edge! There had been a handful of times that we are moving stuff from our luggage to another to keep it under 50lbs. Like exposing your bags to all around you, never fun. This little tool is the perfect way to avoid that. We always make sure we weight our bags before we head out the door, that way when we get to the airport, we know we are good to go. This little tool is super inexpensive, and easy to get! Knowing our bags were dialed, the next mental step was actually leaving our house. If you haven’t been on an airplane yet, I will say I was a little nervous. Will folks follow rules? Will people wear masks? Will there be social distancing? I was pleasantly surprised how mellow DIA was. Everyone gives each other space, which made life so much better when addressing social distancing! Be prepared to wear you mask from the moment you step foot out of the car at departures till you get picked up. We decided that wearing the blue disposal masks would be a better way to go, and we are so thankful we did. While I have no issues wearing a mask, it is nice to have one that is breathable since it will be on your face for awhile! One of my favorite travel apps is Flight Aware. Flight Aware lets you track your flight and know about delays before airlines let you know. So if you’ve got connecting flights, weather you are worried about, or just a control freak (like myself) this is a game changer! We always like to share our flight info with our families when we fly, that way they can see accurate landing times, making picking up a breeze. Did you know that you can travel with up to two alcohol shooters per person?! Mark and I love to have a cocktail before our flight, but those airport prices make you want to cry. So, with a little shooter, a diet coke and a chik-fil-a sandwich, it’s the perfect way to kick off your vacay! So whether you are ready to hop on a plane, or maybe a road trip is more your speed, make sure you spend some time doing the things you love (safely of course).

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