How to create the perfect picture wall

November 13, 2020

After spending time in our new home, it was time to tackle the picture wall. I did a lot of pinterest hunting for the perfect layout and ideas on how to create the wall of greatness. After some trial and error, we did it. I wanted to share with you what worked and what didn’t. Some of this info is pretty basic, others were truly life savers! I hope this helps you created your “perfect picture wall”. Fun fact, the best prints are with a Luster finish instead of Glossy. We got both printed and the glossy with the glass on the frames gave off an incredible about a glare. Get LUSTER!

We first started by laying out our prints on the bed to make sure that we liked the layout. This is important to do before you jump into it. Taking the time now, will save you lots more in the end!

Next, we traced all our photo frames to get a template for the wall. We used wrapping paper to save on costs. A roll of wrapping paper is pretty cheap, but you can use whatever paper you have laying around the house!

After all the photo frames where traced, we started making our wall come to life. We used blue painters tape to make sure that we didn’t ruin our walls in the process. We played around with what we liked and didn’t like. Our original plan changed about 6 times!

These little guys where a game CHANGER!!!! We wanted to make sure that the photos where perfectly level and spaced out. We tried just about everything and it didn’t work. The pictures would be off just enough for your eye to catch. We came across this kit and it was nothing short of amazing. You tape these to the back of your frame. Again, we used painters tape. You poke a whole through the tape. When you go to place them on the wall, you can use a level to get them perfect! Once you know it looks great, apply pressure to the frame and these make small indents in your wall. Pull the photo down and now you have the exact spot you need to hammer in your nail or screw. You can get them straight and perfect every time! Link to where you can find in the photo below.

This is our finished wall! It came together perfectly! All the prints (in Luster) and frames looked great in the space! I hope this helps you create the perfect photo wall! I now get to relive all my beautiful wedding photos, daily. Cheers to greatness, friends!

Frames by Crate & Barrel ( Frames in Gunmetal & Brushed Brass. All of our amazing photos where taken my Moni & Adri Photography,

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