Getting Schooled in Colorado!

November 12, 2020

With the spring market in full force, you’re house hunting like crazy. But what if school districts are crucial in your home search? I’ve put together some excellent resources to help navigate the Colorado education world! Colorado is an open enrollment state, which means you can go to any school, even if it is outside of your specific neighborhood district. Each district does have different policies on how this process works. Below are a few helpful links.

Denver Public Schools

Boulder Valley Public Schools

Littleton Public Schools

Since each district has different rules on how often you need to reapply, make sure you get all the info! My second most asked question is, “how are the schools?” Below are a few more links that break down school districts, ranking, and all sorts of great info! That way, when you’re exploring neighborhoods, you’ll have all the insider info on the nearby schools!

District Maps

Colorado Department of Education

School Digger



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