These two are nothing less than awesome! 🌻 We met about 3 weeks ago over coffee ☕ in Sunnyside. They said they wanted to find and buy a house 🏡 in 2 weeks, which is no easy undertaking. I always love a challenge and WE DID IT! 💪From painting the exterior to make sure we […]

Ryan & Whitney

When you’re ready to sell your home🏡, there are so many important factors to keep in mind. The most important factor is, making sure the pricing of your home maximizes your chances of multiple offers, more showings, and the best price. 💰…I see this more often than not, homes get over priced📈, sit on the […]

Why Pricing is so IMPORTANT

Today, I spend the afternoon diving into all things credit score. It was so interesting and I took away so many amazing tid-bits, that I had to share. Here is how you can tip the scale in your favor, Pay all your bills on time or even early. Once you get past 30 days overdue, […]

Your credit score is kind of a big deal

A seller’s agent is the real estate agent representing the sole interest of the sellers. 💯 There are specific roles that a seller’s agent performs: 👀…A seller’s agent helps you get the best possible price for your home. 👌💲…Understands the local market so your home is competitively priced the first time. 💹This is vital to […]

A Seller’s Agent…What Does That Even Mean?!