5 Tricks for a Killer Lawn

Ready to have amazing green grass? Or maybe you’re struggling with where to start?! We’ve got a celebrity addition with Mark, who will share the top 5 best things you can do for your lawn this summer!

Tip 1: Fertilize
You will want to make sure that you fertilize in spring, summer, and fall. It is best to use an organic granular fertilizer (especially if you have dogs). You want to stick with the natural stuff and not the lab-based products, ie, Scott’s, Miricle Grow, Milorganite. One that has worked really well for us has been the AlphaLawn II Plus Iron. It is a local company out of Northern Colorado. You can find AlphaLawn II Plus Iron at most lawn/garden locations.

Tip 2: Lawn Stripes:
Ever imagine having your yard look like the Rockies Stadium or a fairway at your fav golf course?! Well, you can! Here is the tool to make your striping dreams come true! What’s great about this tool is that it can attach to any lawnmower. No need to get a reel mower to achieve those stripes!

Tip 3: Watering
As we creep into the hot summer months, you will want to make sure you have your watering schedule dialed. It is best to water your lawn (depending on the time of year) around 3-4 times in a seven-day period. It is best to do your watering between 12am-5am. By doing your watering at night/early morning, the water has more time to seep into the soil and not be evaporated by the sun. Don’t be that guy watering at 2pm (the hottest part of the day). One common struggle is to overwater in the summer as you start to see your beloved grass turn shades of brown. Don’t feer; the brown grass is actually alive and going dormant because Colorado sits in a cool-season grass zone. Your dormant grass will come back as the temperatures cool down.

Step 4: Weed Control
Those pesky little weeds will take over your yard if you are not paying attention. You will want to start your weed control in the springtime with a good pre-emergent like Fertilome. By taking the time in the early months to prep your soil, you will be spending MUCH less time picking those little guys later. About 2 to 3 months after doing your pre-emergent, you will want to do the post-emergent. Make sure you include some lawn food to keep your blades extra happy.

Step 5: How to Get Your Grass
Ever drive by a house with that deep green color and have instant lawn envy?! If your yard is looking like it needs a boost, make sure you pick up some Iron & Nitrogen- Liquid Turf Spray. The liquid iron and nitrogen will give your grass that extra pep in it’s growing step!

Have more questions or endless questions? Ryan Knorr is an amazing resource for all things lawn. Between his website and YouTube, you can certainly become a lawn expert in no time!

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5 Tricks for a Killer Lawn

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